About project

TurtleBIOME project contribution will be to provide a clear, complete and detailed image of the microbial composition of the surface biofilm and the gut microbiome of loggerhead sea turtles. We will achieve this goal by pairing state-of-the-art culture-independent molecular approach, e.g. new generation sequencing (NGS) of bacterial and fungal components of the micro-community and single cell PCR amplification of diatoms, with classical approach of diatom cultivation and light and electronic microscope observations of biofilm components.
The added value of this research is that we propose to analyze and characterize the microbiome of different individuals stranded or accidentally caught in the eastern coast of Adriatic Sea in cooperation with the Marine Turtle Rescue Centre in Pula, Croatia.

Morphological analyses of turtle-associated surface biofilms

Light and electron microscopy

Cultivation of microorganisms

Establishment and characterization of monocultures and experiments of co-cultivation

Culture-independent molecular characterization

Prokaryotic & eukaryotic microorganisms: amplicon based and metagenomic approach



Marine Microbial ecology group